Hosting a dinner party should be a fun event where you gather friends, family or co-workers to celebrate. Porc would love to support your events, whether they are business gatherings or private family affairs, so you can enjoy your guests and leave the food in our capable hands.

Private Events/Personal Dinners

Hoping to host friends or family, but too busy to cook? Contact Porc catering and make your dinner party come to life easily. We’ll bring delicious entrees, flavorful sides and salads, and even appetizers to kick off your dinner party. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a new baby, an engagement or wedding, or just want to have good friends over for a meal, Porc can help. Download our menu or contact us with your specifics, and we’ll set a menu plan in motion.

Business Dinners

Work gatherings to celebrate a promotion or a retirement are a great way to create a corporate culture where people know they are valued and appreciated. So, why not step up your business dinners and use a great, local caterer like Porc catering? The Porc team will make the meal easy for you and delicious for your guests. From casual choices like Porc ribs and sausages to fancier options like chicken caprese or braised beef, Porc has your dinner options covered.

Porc also offers tasty side dishes to accompany any of our meal offerings. Click on our appetizers to get ideas on how Porc can help start your event on the right foot, as guests arrive.


menu item details


Our entrees are priced per person, excellent for dinner parties, luncheons or special work occasions.
Grilled Barbecued Chicken Grilled chicken breasts covered in a spicy red chile barbecue sauce. $9.95
Porc Beer Sausage Pork sausage cooked in local craft beer, garlic and spices served and served atop beer sauerkraut $9.95
Roasted Vegetables & Polenta Roasted mixed vegetables served over polenta with a white cream sauce. $10.95
Chicken Caprese Baked marinated chicken stuffed with fresh mozzarella, basil, and covered with a balsamic reduction. $10.95
Chicken Paillard Baked chicken topped with our signature blend of cherry tomatoes, fennel and olive blend $11.95
Chicken Piccata Marinated chicken sautéed to perfection and covered with capers, lemon and a white cream sauce. $10.95
Braised Beef Braised beef served in with a red wine mirepoix $11.95
Beef Brisket Beef brisket, slow roasted and seasoned with Porc’s signature spices $11.95
Pulled Porc Tender cooked pork, pulled into delicious shreds and covered in a red chile barbecue sauce. $10.95
Porc Ribs Grilled pork ribs covered in a red chile barbecue sauce $11.95
Porc Chops Grilled marinated pork chops served seasonal fruit sauce. $11.95


Our Porc sides are designed to pair with our entrees and priced per person.
Creamy Polenta Polenta cooked to a creamy consistency and seasoned to perfection. Pairs well with both pork and beef dishes. $3.95
Red Roasted Potatoes Red potatoes diced, seasoned and roasted to pair well with almost any entrée. Especially good with our Chicken Paillard. $2.95
Roasted Sweet Potatoes Sweet potatoes diced and seasoned the roasted to a tender crisp finish. A favorite with barbecue as well as several of our beef and pork entrees. $2.95
Potatoes Au Gratin Sliced potatoes seasoned and layered in a cream sauce, and topped with cheddar cheese $3.95
Dill Mashed Potatoes Mashed potatoes blended with cream and butter, and topped with fresh dill $2.95
Rice Pilaf Rice toasted and cooked with herbs and diced vegetables $2.95
Couscous Traditional couscous cooked al dente and seasoned to pair well with many of our entrees especially the braised beef   $2.95
Roasted Seasonal Vegetables Locally sourced vegetables coarsely chopped then seasoned and roasted to a crisp, tender finish. A good pairing for almost any entrée. $2.95

Porc catering does have a good mix of salad options for your side choices, too. Those are listed on our lunch menu page, but are available for larger groups, too. Contact us with any questions or to place your order.


Sweet finishes to your meal and a great addition to brunches, showers or other celebrations. We also have connections to local pastry chefs if you need other dessert options.
Trifles Blueberries, strawberries, granola and cake layered with whipped cream $16.95 dz
Melon Flutes A variety of fresh melon balls served with granola and whipped cream and topped with fresh mint $14.95 dz
Porc Cookies Oversized pig cookies with just the right mix of crisp and chewy. $7.95 dz