Porc has an extensive menu to please a variety of tastes. We can handle everyone from meat lovers to vegetarians. We also offerseveral gluten-free options. Our chefs add seasonal dishes, and different fruits and vegetables to our meal offerings during the year, to take advantage of local foods and harvests.

Click on the menu area that most interests you or matches best with the food or style of event you plan to host. You’ll find menus under breakfast, lunch or dinner headings. Don’t get too caught up in the labels. They are here to help you, but we have no problem with people who want a fancier lunch off the dinner menu or who’d rather order hot sandwiches for a casual dinner. Porc is here to provide the food of your choice.

Value for Your Catering Dollar

Please know that pricing may vary depending on the number of people attending your party or event. It may be better to order by the platter than individual portions. Porc also adapts our catering options by season to add in local, fresh fruits and vegetables. We are also open to working with you on family favorites and menu suggestions that would make your party special – breakfasts, lunches or dinners.