Porc catering prepares scratch-made foods that are delicious, hearty, and fresh. We handle food for corporate and private events in central New Mexico. Working with vendors and farmers, Porc uses locally-sourced produce to provide healthy, satisfying foods.

Chef Stephen Joshua Chiles has over 15 years of fine dining and restaurant experience. He and his team are committed to providing excellent customer service and great value. We don’t just want to provide breakfast, lunch, dinner or appetizers for your next party or meeting. Porc Catering wants you to be so satisfied with the food we cater, that you’ll work with our catering team again and again. We appreciate it when you recommend us to friends, family, and work partners.

Our Approach to Catering

Porc has an extensive menu to please a variety of tastes – from meat lovers to vegetarians. Yes, that includes gluten-free options. Porc catering will also work with you on special recipes or foods to meet your needs and wishes. Thanks to local foods and harvests, we add in seasonal dishes, and different fruits and vegetables to our meal offerings during the year.

Click on the menu area that most interests you or matches best with the food or style of event you plan to host. Don’t get too caught up in the labels. If you’d like a fancier lunch, choose foods off the dinner menu. And it’s also okay if you’d rather order hot sandwiches or a mix of appetizers for a casual dinner. Porc is here to provide the food of your choice at breakfast, lunch or dinner.

We deliver in the Albuquerque metro area when meal orders are placed for 5 people or more, for a reasonable fee.

Porc can provide you a full list of current offerings. Please know that our cooks love to try new recipes and add in seasonal flavors. Check in with our Porc catering team for more info.

Cost-Effective Catering & Value 

Our experience has taught us to provide great value and tasty food to end up with happy customers. Pricing may vary depending on the number of people attending your party or event. If you’re feeding a crowd it may be better to order by the platter than individual portions.

Porc also adapts our catering options by season to add in local, fresh fruits and vegetables. Local harvests can help with expenses. We are open to working with you on family favorites and menu suggestions that would make your party special.

Porc catering offers great value for your catering dollar, with pricing options for individual as well as group or party portions.

Contact us today to provide food for your next event.